Joe Purdy - Cant Get It Right Today tab

Very sad song, easy to play. The solo has not been tabbed yet so...
Originally for the Mandolin I believe, but here is a simple version on guitar.

Standard Tuning : CAPO 5

e -------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B -----5~--5/6\5-3~----1-3-5~--5/6\5-3-1~--3----5/6\5-3~-----1---0---0-1-3-|
G -------------------------------------------------------------2-----------|
D -------------------------------------------------------------------------|
A -------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E -------------------------------------------------------------------------|

e --------------------------------------------------------|
B ---5~--5/6\5-3~--3-3\1p0--0h1-1~------------------------|
G --------------------------------------------------------|
D --------------------------------------------------------|
A --------------------------------------------------------|
E --------------------------------------------------------|

e-mail me with questions or comments on this tab

ill correct/add if need be

PEACE - Matt
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