Joe Purdy - Ode To Sad Clown chords

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Got his CD after hearing "Can't Get It Right Today", then I watched some 
performances online (Which do him no justice I'm sure)

Tuning: Standard - CAPO V

C                            G
Darling I been down and out ever since you left town
Am                             F            G
Well I ain't been the same, no matter how I try
C                                     G
Sometimes we don't get to choose, the ones who wear the walking shoes
Am                                       F               G
I'm just a poor boy with the blues, no that ain't nothing new

C                                G
I'm gonna fill this whiskey cup, I'm gonna pick me some banjo up
Am                                     F             G
I'm gonna play with the Tragedies, singing good time harmonies
C                                 G
B. Wright don't you let me down, play that one called Sad Clown,
Am                                    F                 G
You know that one's about me, I been thinking about leaving town

C G Am F G

C                                 G
Well sunshine she came out today, it don't matter anyways
Am                                        F             G
'Cause I still see the water, and it's dripping down my door
C                                  G
I used to hear the children play, I used to hear the birds sing
Am                                     F            G
One day they just stopped, and I don't hear them anymore

Repeat Chorus!

C G Am F G

C                                           G
Oh and I got caught in this whistling wind, doing my best to regret these sins
Am                                 F               G
Lord would you forgive me if you knew I'm gonna do it again?
C                                             G
And it's not that I'm not sorry, Lord, no it's just that I'm not strong
Am                                      F            G
'Cause when that woman looks at me I can't remember right from wrong

Repeat Chorus, overlap lyrics and get loud!
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