Joe Purdy - Canyon Joe chords

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This is a copy/paste job, since the last one lacked the full lyrics! All glory and 
honor to the first tabs-ter! I just love the song and like to sing along as I 
play! Thanks for doing all the work!
The chords somehow get moved to the right - dunno how or why this happens, but I 
tried to put them back into place. Follow the flow of the song and youŽll hear 
where the chords fit in. 
Enjoy :)

Capo 3rd fret

Chords used:

C: X32010
Em: 022000
F: 133210
G: 320010
Am: X02210

Picking pattern varies in intro sometimes:


Verse picking pattern - again there are variations, but the former tab-ster wrote 
that if you stick to this, you canŽt go horribly, fatally wrong:

  C            Em              F               G

       Am              F             C       Am       G        F

After each verse play the intro again and back to the verse.

Intro: G


C                                    Em
Well I live in the canyon where the old coyotes howl
     F                                     G
They come down from the mountains and the dogs begin to growl
         Am                                 F
And they meet up in the darkness, and they fight until the death
           C                Am          G             F
When the morning sun is rising I will bury who is left

G          Am
Oh-------- Oh
F                   C         G
They call me Canyon Joe

C                         Em
And I stay in the cabin Where I work my hands to bleed
F                                 G
Swing the hammer to the nail And I swing the axe onto the tree
Am                                  F
And I once cleared these woods Yeah there used to be a path
C             Am                       G                             F
And now the trees have overgrown just to prove that nothing lasts

G          Am   
And oh-----oh, 
F     C         G
they call me Canyon Joe

C                          Em
The old man went crazy He lives high up on the ridge
F                                              G
He used to tell me all the stories of the church house and the bridge
Am                                                F
But the bridge, she washed away your sin The church house- it got burned
 C                   Am       G                  F
'Cause this world has gone angry and some people never learn

G           Am   
And oh-----oh, 
F     C         G
they call me Canyon Joe

C                                Em
And I once loved a woman Yes and Georgia was her name
F                              G
We met out in the foothills of the Ozark Mountain Range
Am                              F
We saw the world together Least the parts that we love most
 C                 Am                   G                     F
She still comes to me in dreams I am still haunted with her ghost

G            Am   
And oh-----oh, 
F      C       G
they call me Canyon Joe

C                             Em
And all my thoughts are heavy My beard, it has grown long
F                                           G
And I search the face of six-strings for an old familiar song
Am                                                F
But the chords, they all sound foreign like the places that I've been
C            Am            G                    F
So I close my eyes to sleep Tomorrow I will try again

G    Am  F           C                G
And oh, they call me Canyon Joe
Oh, oh, they call me Canyon Joe
Singing oh, oh, they call me Canyon Joe
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