Joe Tex - I Want To Do Everything For You chords

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I want to hold you in my arms
Till you say turn me lose.
I want to do sweet things for you
Till you say it ain't no use.
I want to wake you every morning
With a good morning kiss.
I want to kiss you to sleep the same way
Cause I know you like this.

I want to do everything for you
Cause that's all that man can do
         G                  C
When he loves a woman like I love you.
        G        C
And I love ya, love ya
   G         C        G
I love ya, love ya, love ya, 
    G         C          G
I love ya, love ya... love ya
C                         G
Ooo... eee, yes I love you.

I want to say sweet things to you
Till you say I said enough.
I want to stand right by your side
When the goin gets tough.
I want to mend your broken heart
Till you say the hurt is gone.
I want to stay with you always
So that you wont be alone.


I want to work for you every day
Till you say come home and rest.
I want to buy you pretty things
So you can look your best.
I want to take you everywhere
So the world can see what I got.
I want to treat you with tender love
Till you say I've got to stop.

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