Joe - No One Else Comes Close chords

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Hey whats up, THIS IS NOT MY 1st TAB!!! Joe is the man....Have fun...100% correct

Intro C, Am, F, G, C, Am, F, G7

C                     Am
when we turn out the lights

F                    G7
The two of us alone together

C                     Am
Something's just not right
F                       E            Am (5557)
But girl you know that I would never ever let  

another's touch

Am (5555)        Am(5554)
Come between the two of us

F                  F#dim             G7
Cause no one else will ever take your place


            F              G
No one else comes close to you

                 C       G       Am
No one makes me feel the way you do

                    F      G
You're so special girl, to me
                 C       G     Am
And you'll always be, eternally

F                     G
Everytime I hold you near

                   C       G      Am
You always say the words I love to hear

Girl with just a touch, you can do so much

G7                      C  Am F G7
No one else comes close

Thats all I got, Peace yall
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