Joel Plaskett - In The Blue Moonlight chords

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In the Blue Moonlight, by Joel Plaskett

Chords Used

Intro, drums only

Don't go telling me time will tell
Real wrongs don't write themselves
Standing on your front porch, ringing your bell
When you gonna say, "I wrote it?"

Am      Fmaj7        C       G
All the lights are out
All the doors are closed and locked
The snow falls on the house
Snow falls on the streets we walked
Sunlight sets at six
Silent streets, is someone home?
The bedside clock just ticks
Why'd you go and leave me alone?

Fmaj7*                                    * I like to play this here, 1x3213
In the blue moonlight
Hanging by a thread
In the blue moonlight
My galaxy is dead
C                      G
Not a star in the sky, no apology said
In the blue Moonlight
Calling out for you
In the Blue Moonlight 
Slowly coming to
C                     G
From a sleep so deep, and a love so true

Am      Fmaj7      C       G
Rivers ebb and flow
I've watched them wind and twist and turn
Love like gardens grow
Love like branches bend and burn
Morning breaks at six
Open eyes and curtains drawn
Sunlight, stones and sticks
Why'd you go and leave me alone?
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