Joel Plaskett - Through And Through And Through chords

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 "Through & Through & Through"
  From "Three"(2009)

  Use a Capo on the 2nd fret.

   Intro: |Bm A G |Bm A G | D |

             D      A          D
    I'm the Berlin Wall,I'm a communist
    You're a wrecking ball in a summer dress
    D                   A                   D
    You're the horizon line, I'm the last sunset
    I might be going down but I'm not set yet

    I'm as white as a ghost, digging foolish gold
    I'll man my post, but I won't do as I'm told
    I've got a purple heart from a bloody war
    I can't take it anymore, more, more..

                         A    A6    A7  (A shuffle) 
         They say that good things come to those who wait,
         If you snooze then you lose,So don't hesitate

   Outta sight, outta mind, outta luck, outta wine
   Don't you say that I'm out of my fucking mind
   I've been talking trash but it ain't my fault
   Every time I move somebody's in my spot


     Bridge #1:

                Bm     A       G
         You've got nowhere to go
            Bm      A       G
         I know, I know, I know
              Bm    A      G
         It's only you and me
              Bm          A        G
         But good things come in threes

   | D A | D G |

  You be April Stevens, I'll be April Wine
  You be Israel, I will be Palestine
  Come on, Teach Me Tiger, come on and show me tricks
  Let me take my time and take a couple lazy licks

  Solo,Bridge #2 (Same chords)

      Are you feeling blue?
      Through & through & through
      Where we find you now?
      Around, around, around

  All the dirty blondes,playing blue-eyed soul
  You won't hear our songs on your radio
  Every note we sing can't be solid gold
  Every boy can't be Romeo

    Chorus #2:

       They say that good things come...To those who wait
       Good things come...If you take the bait
       In a rummage sale (At the Sally Ann!)
       Everything is cheap (heee)
       Love should last a life (Or at least a year!)
       But it lasts a week...
       I'm the Berlin Wall (And that ain't all!)
       I'm a total mess...(heee)
       You're a wrecking ball (I'm a wrecking ball!)
       In a summer dress
         Repeat Bridge #2 

  All the dirty blondes playin' blue eyed soul
  .....on the radio...
  I can't take it any more,more more.

                            EADGbe      EADGbe
      A shuffle Chords: A6: x04220  A7: x25220 
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