Joel Plaskett - You Let Me Down chords

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 "You Let Me Down"
  From "Three"(2009)

  use Dsus4 liberally between verses.
   D                       G              D
   Lying on the floor and staring at the ceiling
    G   D        A7sus4  D
   ooh,baby, you let me down
   D                     G                    D
   crying to myself and trying to shake this feeling
    G   D        A7sus4  D
   ooh baby, you let me down

             G           D         G           D
        You let me down easy, you let me down light,
             G                                       A
        It really gets me down, but you let me down right,
            G            G/f#       Em          Bm
        You set me down gentle, you let me down slow
              G              G/f#        A             D  Dsus4
        It's gonna take some time before I can let you go

   Floating on the ceiling, staring at the floor
   Looking from above at what we had before
   I could hear your motor humming, I wanted you to stay
   But I could see it coming from a hundred miles away

   Lying in the grass, staring at the sun
   Burning out the memory that you were the one
   Trying to pretend that I didn't feel a thing
   But it's feeling as familiar as the simple song I sing

     Chorus,then middle eight:

        You set me down proper, you said the right things
        The sun was coming up, they were waiting in the wings
            Bm                                             E
        The sun was going down, you were packing up your clothes
                     G              G/f#      A            D  Dsus4
        You said,"I hate to let you down but,babe,I gotta go!

  Lying in the back seat, eyes shut tight
  Tired of staring at the road so I'm stopping for the night
  I can hear your motor humming so I'm covering some ground
  Ooh, baby, you let me down, ooh, baby, you let me down...
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