Joel Plaskett - Deny Deny Deny chords

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 "Deny, Deny, Deny"
  From "Three"(2009)

  For Studio version use a capo on the first fret.

  Intro: |C Csus2 C Csus2 F | Am G  C | X2

    C             Csus2   C                F
   Hey Undercover Lover! When you coming home?
          Am              G           C    Csus2
   I'm a different lover than I was before
    C             Csus2   C                F
   Hey Undercover Lover! Why you rattlin' on?
           Am                G             C        
   What's keeping me from locking up this door?

   Hey Disappearing Dreamer! What you dreaming now?
   Hiding places I could never find
   Hey Disappearing Dreamer! Let me ask you how
   You intend to make this heart rewind


           F    C       G    C     F      C     G    C
         Hiding in the back seat Waiting for a dark street
           F        C       G   C   G
         Trying to find a place to run
           F     C       G     C     F    C        G    C 
         Living for the last night,bluer than the moonlight
           F   C     G    C  G
         Everybody comes undone


                C       C/b        Am        G
              Around, around, our love came down
               Am       G      F
              Like the Berlin Wall
                C    C/b       Am    G
              Deny, deny, you can't deny
                  Am        G      C
              You let the Curtain fall

       | Intro X1 |

   Hey Unraveling Traveler! Where you traveling to?
   Is there somewhere else you wanna be?
   Hey Unraveling Traveler! When it's me and you
   Why's everything gotta break in three?

        Sitting on the back deck
        Writing me a bad cheque
        Bending down to tie your lace
        One, You were the lonely
        Two, You were my only
        Three, You went and left this place

          Chorus X1,Intro X4,Chorus, end cold on 'fall'.

         note: originally Played on a tenor guitar
         in open C. to get that higher sound,you can 
         also play in G, capo 6.
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