Joel Plaskett - Tough Love chords

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 "Tough Love" (Joel Plaskett)
 From "Scrappy Happiness"(2012)

 Chords are simple; the timing of the strums are the key to the song.

 Youíre so cool, oh my my...

 I like you and I know why...
 Youíre the game and Iíll keep playing
                           A5              B5
 Working in your coal mine,working on your chain gang

 Oh my my, youíre so cool
                    A5             B5
 Baby be mine or be somebodyís fool 
 Cause youíre not fooling me, uh uh
                     A5            B5
 Iíve been schooling for your love

 Prechorus 1:

    Sink to the bottom or rise to the top
    E5               C#m      A5                 B5
    Smoke Ďem if you got Ďem, donít you ever stop
    Cutting me to pieces, apples and oranges
    E5             C#m    A5                     E5
    Slap me in the face, tell me that Iím gorgeous

 Oh Iím hooked, youíre the one
 My goose is cooked, turn me over Iím done
 Youíre the reason I keep rocking
 Come on in, baby, donít bother knocking
   Prechorus 2:

   Under the boardwalk, over the moon
   Some cats are born with a silver spoon
   Youíre like a ghost, I hope that you haunt me
   Freak me out, baby, tell me that you want me!


     Tough love, tough love, tough love
              A5         B5   E5
     Is there any other love?


          Out of the frying pan into the fire 
                                    E5        B5
          We canít go designing the things we desire
          A fish out of water Iím battered and bruised
                                 E5         B5
          Hook me up, baby, itís good to be used

 Iím outta shape, oh so it goes
 But I bet that I could still touch your toes
 Iíll cop a feel if weíre copacetic
 While you wax your legs, Iíll wax poetic
    Prechorus 2 x1, then chorus x4. 

       E5:0799xx A5:x022xx B5:x244xx C#m:4x6654
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