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Joey Cape - Not Your Savior tab

Not Your Savior Ė Joey Cape (acoustic version)
From the album; Joey Cape and Tony Sly acoustic

Standard tuning : EADGBe

Note that thereís a little variation in the G chord :   3-2-0-0-3-0

Intro(2x) C Em F G



Verse 1 :
C       F         C  Cadd9                           C         Cadd9 Am
Unlucky seventeen,         already handed plans for the future
C          F                  G                       C
Glamour obsessed, told how to dress, and shown how to think
              F        C Cadd9                           C     Cadd9  Am
And I don't have a job,        but I can show you how to be a slob
C       F                G
So many days, wasted and glazed
              C    Cadd9      F
Sometimes I laugh aloud as I think about,
     C                         D
You asking me "Please can you help?"
Can't help my self

Chorus 1 :
G               C                    G
I'm not your savior, I'm not who you want me to be
     F                               G                            C
A cowardly mistake I've made so many times before, refusing to break
             Em                                F
Cut my losses ties them with you, like a good boy I'll pretend
Fm                         C     Cadd9   Am  G  F  G  C
And promise not to do it again

G|---9 -------9-7--------------------------------------------------|

Verse 2 :
         F          C  Cadd9                        C          Cadd9 Am
Do you remember when,        life was so simple and permanent?
C          F                     G               C
Everyone's changed, "Everyone's cool", Everyone sucks
Cadd9       F                  C                            D
But I can't seem to complain, Exciting and new is just not there
You're getting scared

Chorus 2 :
G                C                  G
I'm not your savior, never thought I was anyway
       F                           G
I'm a void with empty promises that backs out late
                 C                     Em
Never said I'd change, taking back the words that we spoke
          F                   Fm                            C
Like a fuel tank running dry,     you'll believe it when I choke
Em F G                         C
    you'll believe it when I choke

Em F G C Em F G C .....(Same pattern as the intro for both guitars and it goes on and on 
fading out!)

P.S. Iím still beginning at writing tabs so do not hesitate correcting it!
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