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Joey Cape - The Ramones Are Dead tab

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Artist: Joey Cape
Song: The Ramones are Dead
Record: Bridge
Tuning: Standard

Tabbed By Mike Pihowich

       A                              F#
I can listen to the records from my younger years
            D          E              A        E
Pacify my bitter ears and revive the dead dinosaurs.
        A                             F#
Me and Jamo rode two buses round for Rockpile
                 D         E              A     Am
Sure to find a rarity and something to believe.

D                          F#                            D
But I can't listen to them now without mourning a small town
         E               A     Am
and the mom and pops I loved
D                    F#
Once were missionary men
D                           E
We age into obscurity with them
                  A      E
The Ramones are dead

            A                                   F#
You could judge a band by the cover flipping through the bins
Assured enough to take a spin
     E              A             E
The art and lyrics big enough to see and read
Pull the record from its sleeve
F#                   E
Spear the cut hole, arm and seed
D                    E             A          Am
Plunge the needle, shaking like a drug fiend

D                     F#
Now relevant again somehow
Reanimated sacred cow
        E                   A     Am
But it all seems different now
D                            F#
It's far too easy to find anything in demand
      D            E
I'll say it once again

The Ramones are dead.
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