Joey Cape - Owen Meaney chords

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C                    E                                           F
Uncertainty- A foundation built on nothing I could see 
D                     G                C
secure in your immaculate perception 
      E                                           F
the last resort I thought I'd ever exercise 
         D            G
Now, all that I have to stand on 
C                        E
Grieving from a different point of view 
I learned it's meaning from you 
     D                      G
in life and death and continue...
       F                    G
but faith is just a silent tribute; 
C                     E                       F    G
Mine is just a desperate act 
Give him back

C                E                                                F
I owe him, throw me a line, I'll suspend my disbelief 
   D                 G                           C
and concede following your lead faithfully
E                                            F
Led into this concession with hope and doubt 
D                   G
A seemingly futile gesture
F                       G
Faith is just a silent tribute 
C                    E                     F     G
Mine is just a desperate act 
Holding on

       Am              G                                  F
It's just this desperation that takes me home
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