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John Anderson - Red Georgia Clay chords

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                       John Anderson
                     "Red Georgia Clay"

sounds like he as a CAPO on the first fret! (which i dont believe in)



One rainy night in Dalton they were talkin' in the bar
about two bodies they'd been searchin' for
D                                                        Bm
behind old Samson's sawmill the blood hounds foud their grave
D                          A           D
they were layin' in that red Georgia clay

so i just sat and listened and drank my whiskey down
i knew id never make it out of town
D                                                            Bm
when a big hand grabbed my shoulder i started shakin' in my boots
D                                     A
i knew the time had come to tell the truth

said i followed them one evenin' when the sun was sinkin' low
i knew that loggin' shack's where they would go
D                                                          Bm
but i watched them love together it was more than i could take
D                          A            D
so i burried them in that red Georgia clay

D                      G         D            G          D
well i maybe hungry cold and lonely in this old prison cell
and when i die i geuss i'll go to Hell
D                                                     Bm
but at least i know she won't be runnin' round on me today
D                         A           D
cause i left her in that red Georgia clay

D                                             Bm
arm in arm together they both wanted it that way
D                       A           D
so i left them in that red Georgia clay

( just finish it with an old school ending by sliding a flat D chord to major D chord.)
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