John Butler Trio - Cold Wind chords

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            Cold Wind - John Butler Trio

Tabbed by: DarrenJag
Scale: Aeolian A

Yet another cold, dark and altogether awesome song by the Trio.
The following chords are chosen to make it easy to play. What I mean it that you could 
change some of the types
of chords I picked in order to make it sound a bit better.

Anyways, from what I gather, John plays the following four chords throughout the entire song:
(There's a little variation on the Dsus4. He's playing it an octave up. Listen to the 
song, you'll hear it.)

         Asus2       Em         G6        Dsus4      
Variant Dsus4

I play it in Open C5 tuning myself, CGCGCC ('cause that's how I roll) even though John 
plays it in standard.
Capo on 2nd fret (Effectively DADADD tuning), playing the following, relative to capo.

          A5         E5         G5         D5       
Variant D5


(The placing is rather easy once you've listened a few times, and I don't really have 
the time to do it now.
I may edit them in later, but until then, here're the lyrics.)

Cold wind it blows, blowing through like Sunday morning,
Chills my bones, take me home, take me home,
Home is where the heart is, but my heart's been truly stolen,
Cold wind it blows, wind it blows,

Fire in my gut, reminding me that yes I'm in a,
Great big rut, great big hole, great big hole,
No-one knows, can tell me where those chains begin,
Fire in my gut, in my gut, in my gut,

There are places you will never go,
And there are things that you will never know,
It all depends on which side of the road,

Hole in my soul, makes me feel like I am floating,
Far from my place, I got no land, I got no face,
Tell me Mr. what's a man supposed to believe in?
Hole in my soul, in my soul, in my soul,


Gun in my hand, you're tellin' me that I'm meant to obey,
Laws of your land, of your land, of your land,
But you don't follow rules of the silly games you play,
There's a gun in my hand, in my hand, in my hand,

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