John Cale - The Endless Plain Of Fortune chords

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                 THE ENDLESS PLAIN OF FORTUNE - John Cale

Band: John Cale
Song: The Endless Plain of Fortune
Album: Paris 1919 (1973)

Tabbed by: crimson-dync
Tuning: Standard

Am /  /  Am7 (x4)

--VERSE 1--
     Am         Am7  Am       Am7
Old taylor said
F                    C           G
 Old taylor meant to cry -- oh my

Field marshall meant
 Field marshall went away again

--CHORUS 1--
F                   C
 Watch out below; the tides
F               C
 Lean heavily like wine
F                C               G       Am
 We are all innocent in spite of you and me

D|---2-----|  (x4)

--VERSE 2--
      Am        Am7  Am       Am7
Then martha went
F                  C     G
 Yes martha went away again

Down in transvaal
 Where crocodiles and men fight on

--CHORUS 2--
F                         C
 They would have played all night
F                  C
 Even with loaded dice
F                         C               G         Am
 It's gold that eats the heart away and leaves the bones to dry

D|---2-----|  (x2)

E  D  C  Bm
G  F  Em Dm
C     G

--VERSE 3--
  Am           Am7  Am       Am7
Segovia watched
F                 C         G
 Gendarmerie and all that's all

The radio man
 Amanda did you choose your tune

--CHORUS 3--
F                   C
 She walked away in time
F                      C
 She walked a crooked line
F                   C                   G        Am
 So gracefully she turned her head and smiled -- away

D|---2-----| (x12)

Buenos Aires. January, 2014.
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