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John Cameron Mitchell - Wicked Litle Town tab

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Dadd9   xx0230
Dmaj9   xx0220
D9      xx0210
Amin7b5 x0101x
Dadd9 Dmaj9 D9 Dadd9
Dadd9 Dmaj9 D9 Amin7b5
Dadd9          Dmaj9          D9    Dadd9
 You know, the sun ..
Dadd9     Dmaj9           D9   D 
 And hurricanes and rains ...
G7               C
 You're ... that hill
You ... at will
There's nothing ... or bring you down
G7          C
 And if ... choice
You know ... my voice
Through the ... Of this wicked little town
A     C
Dadd9 Dmaj9 D9 Amin7b5
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