John Denver - Song Of Wyoming chords

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This is played on the 2nd capo. This is much better than any of the other tabs i 
have seen for this song but I don't if its 100%. I couldn't find any of live 
performances of this song. Still this is the tab you should favorite!

  C      G       F      Fm      C7      C*     D7      Em      Am
|-0-|  |-1-|   |-1-|   |-1-|   |-0-|  |-0-|   |-2-|  |-0-|   |-0-|
|-1-|  |-0-|   |-1-|   |-1-|   |-1-|  |-1-|   |-1-|  |-0-|   |-1-|
|-0-|  |-0-|   |-2-|   |-1-|   |-3-|  |-0-|   |-2-|  |-0-|   |-2-|
|-2-|  |-0-|   |-3-|   |-3-|   |-2-|  |-2-|   |-0-|  |-2-|   |-2-|
|-3-|  |-2-|   |-0-|   |-3-|   |-3-|  |-0-|   |-0-|  |-2-|   |-0-|
|-x-|  |-3-|   |-x-|   |-1-|   |-x-|  |-X-|   |-x-|  |-0-|   |-x-|

                      Tab for the -Bridge-
    C            F             Fm               C                  G  

   -Song of Wyoming-

C   F  Fm  C   .... G

         C           C7         F            Fm
Well, Im weary and tired, Ive done my days ridin

C              C*      D7         G
Nighttime is rollin my way

     C           C7             F            Fm
The skys all on fire and the lights slowly fading

C              F             C
Peaceful and still ends the day


Em           Am   Em               C7
Out on the trail night birds are callin

F             Fm     C
Singin their wild melody

Em            Am      Em          C7 
Down in the canyon cottonwood whispers

F           Fm         C
A Song of Wyoming for me

C  F   Fm  C .... G

           C         C7         F          Fm
Well, Ive wandered around the town and the city

         C           C*         D7       G
Tried to figure the how and the why

          C                 C7
Well, Ive stopped all my schemin

          F            Fm
Im just driftin and dreamin

C              F         C 
Watching the river roll by

Em               Am      Em            C7
Here comes that big ole prairie moon risin

F             Fm           C
Shinin down bright as can be

Em         Am           Em       C7
Up on the hill theres a coyote singin

F           Fm         C
A Song of Wyoming for me

C  F   Fm  C .... G

           C          C7          F            Fm
Now its whiskey and tobacco and bitter black coffee

    C          C*       D7         G
A lonesome old dogie am I

C                     C7
But wakin up on the range

         F           Fm        
Lord I feel like an angel

C             F           C
Feel like I almost could fly

Em             Am      Em         C7
Drift like a cloud out over the badlands

F            Fm           C
Sing like a bird in the tree

     Em          Am   Em                 C7
The wind in the sage sounds like heaven singin

F           Fm         C
A Song of Wyoming for me

F           Fm         C
A Song of Wyoming for me

C  F   Fm  C .... G
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