John Doe - A Little More Time chords

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(Another great song from 'A Year in The Wilderness'. Contact me if you notice a mistake.)

D - xx0232
F#m - 244222
G - 320033
Em7 - 022030
A - x02220
Asus4 - x02230
Bm - x24432


There was a time
When the sunshine
G                          Em7
Played in your soft blonde hair,
G                        A
Reflected in your golden eyes
    G                              Em7
You leaned back your head and you laughed
      A          Asus4      A       Asus4
'bout tomorrow

And then it came
Like a new day,
The sun in the sky beamed;
Water sparkled down the stream
We knew this could all go away,
But not today.

And when it did,
You were better
Better than the day you were born
Not quite so perfectly formed,
The only wish I had that day
That it would stay...


Just a little more time
With you
    Bm       A
With me, with you
Just a little more time
With you
   A      Asus4     A     Asus4
and me...
There was a time.

(The last line above is the last line of the song; I skipped the rest of the 
verses/choruses because they follow the same chord progression.)
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