John Frusciante - The Real chords

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The Real 

A little correction from the first tab of this site. The second chord if a C#7 
with the 3rd repeated and the D is a maj7 and not a 7. Play this song with the 
fingers, and listen to it to feel the rhythm.


C#7:   X4346X or X43401
Dmaj7:     xx0222

 F#m           C#7        A            E
I dont know the real from what I thought I saw
  F#m       C#7        A          E
I can't remember where I went Where I was


F#m Bm A E F#m  x2

F#m        Bm            A        E    D
I'm gonna move toward a point in time
F#m        Bm            A        E    D
Where where you are is a state of mind
Bm         A         E         F#m
And anytime I can read your thoughts
Bm         A         E         F#m
Some of them yours and some I thought up
F#m               E          Dmaj7
There's no good reason for heartbreak
F#m               E          Dmaj7
Nothing's repeating every Monday
F#m            Bm            A       Dmaj7
It's no good saying you'll always be mine
F#m                  Bm            A       Dmaj7
These jokes life's playing they make me so tired, so tired...

SOlO x2 F#m Bm A Dmaj7

And repeats until the end.
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