John Frusciante - Your Pussy Is Glued To A Building On Fire chords

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Your Pussy Is Glued to A Building on Fire [Extended]
Transcribed from the Live in San Francisco 2001 Performance

C              G                    Am
 Your pussy's glued to a building on fire
F           Em                      Dm
 I paint my mind just because I'm alive
G                              C
 And if you see me roaming the hillside,
            G     Am
won't you come alo-ooong?
    Bb         Dm
you paint your eyes
       Bb        Dm
mine are in the sky
            Am          C            Bb     Dm
No worldly word I could say could be golden
    Am         C                 Bb
the smile on my face isn't always real
        A                Bb
but the way you make me feel
is all that's really real
                  F     Am     Dm     Bb  x3
you little duck house

F     Am     Dm  

(use barre chords)

A#                               Dm/A 
Don't even waste your time on your life

A#                                      Dm/A 
Don't even waste your time away

               D#/A#                                  Dm/A
Show me love and greet me with your mind

D#/A#              Dm/A   G#            F#
You'll find your place is above the town

And I'll be around

        A#m  G# F# F
I'll be around~


Transcribed by C. Malara
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