John Frusciante - Unknown Vpro Song chords

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Artist: John Frusciante
Album: -
Song: Unknown/VPRO Song/Helena 

I don't know if the lyrics are correct, that's what I've found on the internet. 
Didn't spend time for the lyrics. 
Hope you enjoy.s
Tuning: C# F# B E G# C# (One and A half steps down)

Intro: G7 Cmaj7 F E  Esus4  E  Esus4  E

A7       D7         A7          D7             G7                    Cmaj7  
Helen around you has nothing to do, with those fakes and snakes they think we 
        E     Esus4  E
give to them.
     E                        C           G  C  D
They think they're that, we think they're that...
D    C                                      
Are we, just came from a red pencil
G7           Cmaj      F     E    (Esus4   E)
Feelings a sliding wheel, ooh..

A7  D7  A7  D7  G7  Cmaj F E

Em*      C6*      Em*
    See,   look at me now
Em*                                              C6*  Em*
se're like pieces of water with love os seen and unseen.
        C6*        Em*
You see times they cyn,
        G*          Em*
and I'm moving on frail, so goodbye it's
a pleasure we met
that's what you get,
                A*  (Asus4  A  Asus4  A)
that's what you get

G7 Cmaj7 F E  Esus4  E  Esus4 E

A7  D7  A7  D7  G7  Cmaj E  Esus4  E x2



G7:    320001
Cmaj7: x32000
F:     133211
E:     022100
Esus4: 022200
A7:    x02223
D7:    xx0212
C:     x32010
G:     320003
D:     xx0232
Em*:   x79987
C6*:   8tx9t8 (t=10th fret)  
G*:    355433
D*:    x57775
A*:    577655
Asus4: 577755
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