John Hiatt - My Old Friend chords

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G                        D                 Am         C
I thought we were gonna make that bridge, what did I know
G              D                   Am           C
Me and my expectations was always high
G                 D               Am            C
"Like a Rolling Stone" is playing on the radio
G            D
It made you cry
Am         C
But we got by-y 

G        D
My old friend
Am                 C
You make me feel young again
G        D
My old friend
Am                            C
You're just as pretty as you were back then 

A Corvair with no floorboards, a Gibson Hummingbird
Driving south to the mouth of the riversong 

Patchouli oil and motor oil
And you knew all the words
Now you're looking fine
In a hook-up line 


G                 D
You've got kids, I've got kids
Am                    C
And they all want to know
G                  D                 Am             C
Just what is what like when we were young 
I tell them I'm no different now
Just late for the show
So grab your "Aqualung"
The loading has begun 


My old friend
My old friend
My old friend 
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