John Legend - Quickly chords

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John Legend - Quickly (featuring Brandy)

Tabbed by Vongsta

Chords used: G D Em C

Verse 1:
G                                         D                     Em
   If I had twenty million dollars in a vault somewhere baby,
                          C         D
It wouldnt matter anyway
G                                   D           Em
Cause the doctor told me that Im dying slowly
                                        C         D
So I guess I got to love you while Im here baby

Did you know
G                  D                    Em
The news said the sky is falling, the globe is warming
      C       D        G                D
My country warring, leaders are lying, time is running
Low and low baby
C            D           G
No where to go .. ouuoh

       D                                       Em       C     D    
I know we just met but baby could u love me quickly, quickly
G                   D                                          Em
   I want you to love me like you know the world is about to end baby, 
  C        D

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