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John Lennon - Help Me To Help Myself tab

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Perhaps not all quite there but you get the basic idea of it :) 
Elliot X
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      E          B              E
Well, I tried so hard to stay alive
        C#m                           A
But the angel of destruction keeps on houndin'
me all around
      B          E
But I know in my heart
        B            C#m
That we never really parted.
    A   E
Oh, no.

They say the Lord helps those who helps themselves,
So I'm asking this question in the hope that you'll be kind.
'Cause I know deep inside
I was never satisfied
Oh no.

Lord, help me, lord,
Please, help me, lord, yeah, yeah, yeah
A                      E
Help me to help myself,
Help me to help myself. 
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