John Lennon - You Saved My Soul chords

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Capo on first fret.

Chords used:
C:     x32010
D:     xx0232
G:     320003
Em:    022000
Bb:    x13331

Intro:        G
When I was lonely and scared
I nearly fell for a TV preacher
      C               D
In a hotel room in Tokyo
     G                          Em
Oh, you truly saved me from that suicide
                 C           D                 G
Because all the things, I die along with you
Remember the time
When I went to jump out of that apartment window
       C                            D
On the west side of town of ol' New York
     G                      Em
Oh, you saved me from that suicide
                   C            D
Because of all my foolish pride
                  C                    D
Well, if I could thank you, thank you
               G         Bb        G    Bb   G
For saving my soul with your true love
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