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John Lennon - Sweet Paradox tab

Words and Music by JOHN LENNON
From the 1974 album "Walls and Bridges"

  D7 RIFF :

[D7] Sweet as the smell of success,
[G] her body's warm and wet. [Em]
She [D7]gets me thru this God awful loneliness,
[G] a nat'ral high butterfly[Em].
Oh, I, I need[C6 G], [Am]need her. [D7 RIFF]

[D7] Just like a willow tree,
[G] a breath of spring you see. [Em]
And, oh boy[D7], you don't know what she do to me,
[G] she makes me sweat and forget who I [Em]am.
I [C6]need, [G]need, [Am]need, [G]need[F7] her.

Well I was [C]wond'ring how long[F E7] this could [Am]go on, on and [D7]on.
Well I [G]thought I could [Em]never be surprised[D7sus4], [D7]
But could it [C]be that I[F E7] bit my [Am]own tongue. [D7]
[G]It's so hard to [Em]swallow when you're wrong[D7sus4 D7]. [D7 RIFF]

[D7] A bird of paradise,
[G] the sunrise in her eyes. [Em]
[D7]God only knows such a sweet surprise,
[G] I was blind, she blew my mind[Em].
Think that I, I love[C6], [G]love, [Am]love, [G]love, [F7]love her.
I love her, I love her, I love her, I love her.
[F7] Repeat and fade.
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