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John Mark Mcmillan - Carolina Tide chords

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John Mark McMillan
Carolina Tide
From "The Medicine"

Verse 1
D                                             G
Hey girl, let's go down wash our hands in the Carolina tide
                  Em7      G             A
Let's go down and die and come back like babies

Verse 2
Hey girl, let's go down wash our sins in the muddy brown wave
Wash the world away and come back again

Pre Chorus x2
Bm                        G     Em
Oh Oh Oh Ohhh Oh, Ohhh Oh

All these scarlet stains like the blood red clay
       Em           G
on the knees of our jeans
A                                          Em
You can come out righteous if you want babe
you can come out clean

Verse 3
Hey girl drive all night down to the water and live like we're alive
Let our sleeping die and roll out of these graves

Verse 4
Hey girl, the water don't know the shore don't care
who you were before
We're not them anymore you know we're not the same.


Verse 1
Verse 2

The lead parts for this song are pretty easy. Let me know if you need them

Chad Miller
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