John Mark Mcmillan - Setting Suns tab

John Mark McMillan
Setting Suns
From "The Song Inside the Sounds of Breaking Down"

There are a couple of these already submitted, but the chords weren't 
accurate. The tab file submitted was accurate on the notes, but this is an 
easier way to play it so you don't have to go from the 5th fret to the 12th 
for one note. 

(For the chords, it may be a Dsus and Em. Just play what sounds good
with your arrangement and style) 

Verse 1
(Em7)                        (G)                        D
   When everythingís said and done Youíre all I really have
                              A                        Em7
In the midst of these setting suns the city lights at best 
                     G                           D
Are portraits of my friends but they donít make amends 
                        Em7   G   D   A
For this ridiculous mess

Pre Chorus (or verse 2)
Em7                 G
So I will float on every word you said
         D                        A
When the waters of my ghosts they rise above my head
         Em7                           G
And I'll stand up on your back in the middle of this sea
          D                       A
When collectors of my debts they come to sink their teeth

         G         D           Em
And itís all I can think about now
      G         D           Em
itís all I can think about now
      G         D           Em
itís all I can think about
 Is how good you are to me

Verse 3
Em7               G                        D
   This body is a hole my flesh one shallow grave
              A                      Em7
I am six feet below myself and at my best 
                   G                      D
I still deserve to die but Iíll be glorified 
In this ridiculous mess

Verse 2
Pre Chorus

Main riff throughout


Let me know if you have any input or corrections. 
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