John Mark Mcmillan - My Only chords

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Verse:  G  D  A   A
All day long
we are sinking like stones
into the shadow
of Your kindness
In this shade
between the wingspan
of Your face is
the only place
where we can bed
these burdens down (so I)

Bm     D      G          G
Lift my eyes up to the hills
Bm    D     G         G
who is gonna help me now?
   G       A     Bm       A
You're my only You’re my only
   G        A    Bm   Bm
You’re my only hope

Verse:   G  D  A  A
tangled hope
in the great ridiculous
way You love.
It is the only way to live
there's no escape
staring like a deer into the
headlights of Your praises (so I)

Bridge:  G   D   A    A
and You come like the sun
with pockets full of redemption
and You come
with the sun.
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