John Martyn - Back To Stay chords

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Capo 5th fret

C              G             Am        F
Although I've been away so many lonely nights 
C                          F                     G C
You know I'm back today, I'm back to stay in your arms 
C              G                        Am            F
Although I've been around and lived the life I said I loved
         C                  F                 G   C
You know without you honey, all I do is worth nothing

F                 G       C
And girlie, don't cry for me 

Although there might be other people in my life 
Honey, on my mind, you will always find there's only you 
And though you say you'll journey to some foreign land 
I'll remember you, yes, and I'll be true to your memory

And when at last you do come wandering home to me 
I might look at you but it will be through the weeks between 
And when I hold you it might not be you I have 
In the passing days, we might both have changed to something new 
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