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John Mayer - Daughters Live tab

Wassup!! just figurd this out watching youtube lol.

Some of it i put in myself because i couldn't hear the notes. im not sure if
its meant to be a pause but it sounded dry with pauses so i chucked my own
stuff in lol.

Tuning: Open D (DADF#AD)

D |-----------------------------------0-------------0---2/4-2/4p0-----------|
A |------------------------------0--------0-----------------------2/3-2-0---|
D |--2/4\2p0-2\4-0-----------0------------------0---------------------------|
A |---------------0--------2------------------------------------------------|
D |----------------0--------------------------2-----------------------------|

                                                              I made this up
D |----------0---5--4-------2h4-0----------------------(12)--(7)------------|
A |---0--0-------0--0---0---------4p2p0-------------0--(12)--(7)------------|
D |-2----0h2--------------------------------2---0------(12)--(7)------0-----|
A |-------------------------------------------2-----------------------------|
D |----------------------------------------------------------------2--------|
             up strum
D |-----------  ---  ------------------------------(12)------------------|
A |-(12)--(7)-  -0-  -0----4--5-4-2--0--0---0------(12)------------------|
F#|-(12)--(7)-  -1-  -1-1------------------0-------(12)------------------|
D |-(12)--(7)-  -2-  -2----4--5-4-2--2----2---0--------------------------|
A |-(12)--(7)-  ---  ----------------------------------------------------|
D |-----------  ---  -2--------------------------------------------------|

sorry but this was all i was bothered trying to figure out.
hope yah like it..
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