John Mellencamp - Between A Laugh And A Tear chords

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The versions online are either taken from the "Rough Harvest" version or are just 
wrong in general.

Between A Laugh And A Tear
Scarecrow (1985)


C# A G# B F# C# B

Riff #1
G-    9 11 9
D-7/11       11 9

Verse-played as regular chords and doubled with a muted guitar

Asus2 (x02200) E C#m Bsus2 (x24400)

Asus2                                 E
With paradise no longer fit for you to live in
C#m             Bsus2
Your adolescent dreams are gone 
Asus2                               E
Through the days you feel a little used up
C#m                         Bsus2
Don't know where your energy's gone wrong
Asus2                          E
Just your soul feeling a little downhearted
C#m                            Bsus2
Sometimes life is too ridiculous to live
Asus2                         E
Count your friends all on one finger
C#m                                             Bsus2   (x24422)
I know it sounds crazy, it's just the way that we live   

...until the "energy's gone wrong" line and then the muted turns into

Riff #2
E-0 0 x x x x x x
B-0 0 5 5 5 5 4 4
G-2 2 4 4 6 6 4 4

End with an x24422 with the "we live"/"swing past" lines

          Asus2       E
Between a laugh and a tear
C#m                    Bsus2
Smile in the mirror as you walk by
          Asus2       E
Between a laugh and a tear
          C#m                             Bsus2                        Asus2
That's as good as it gets for us but that ain't no reason to stop trying

The "solo" is played as...

G-    9 11 9
D-7/11       11  9


G-    9  11 9      9 11 9      9 11b12 11 9 11
D-7/11        7/11        7/11

Hope that's clear enough.  Questions or
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