John Phillips - Cup Of Tea chords

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Cup of Tea

Am		Dm  G				   C 
Invisible company, a house of smoke and stale perfume
Am	           	      Dm   G				     C
She makes her seventh cup of tea, I stalk desperately from room to room
Am		         Dm     G			  C
Like two strangers on a train, neither one will hardly speak
Am	  	  Dm             G				C       C7
I dreamt a dream of old Havana, she played the blues upon my grand piano
F   G          C     G         Am       Dm        A7 
You skyjack my soul, hijack my screams, kidnap my baby, so handsome 
       F         G        C       G      Am       
You’ve stolen my bank (?) million dollar dreams
  Dm         G            C
Demanding my life as your ransom

Stamped her foot, clinched her fist, closed her  face and slashed her wrist
I pretend (?), the little (?) bee around my lotus
Which that we could travel more, life’s become a bloody bore
It would be so nice to everyone, we’ve never been on holiday


Little sailor lost in space, navigating through the storms
How I hope that you will find a place where you can heel the scars


by: José Duarte
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