John Phillips - April Anne chords

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April Anne 

Intro:  G  Bm  A (2X)

      D			     G              D
April Anne with the red bandanna round her head
 		      C                 G
Pretty Anne with the peacock feathered fan said
         D               F#m             Bm
That the sash around her waist turned to lead
        D              F#m               Bm
And her jingle-jangled faggot friend was dead
        D               F#m                Bm
And the wine he spilled stained her pillow red
    C                G                A
The midnight cowboys came but quickly fled
        G 	         Bm           A
And the whole thing was bringing her down

Lady Anne, we danced the fandango on your bed
Anne, the Gypsy Woman once said:
Let an Easy Rider share your bed
But you chose a drunken gigolo instead
How were you to know he was a red?
Then you sat and cried and hung your head and said
That the whole thing was bringing you down

Instrumental: Bm  G  D  F#m  Bm  A  Bm  G  D  Bm  F#  E  A

Verse 1 +:
Oh she let an Easy Rider share her bed
But she chose a drunken gigolo instead

by: Josť Duarte
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