John Phillips - Let It Bleed Genevieve tab

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	             LET IT BLEED, GENEVIEVE - John Phillips
Tabbed by: psychedelicious

This is my favorite John Phillips song... he just pours his heart out. The song talks
how Phillips' wife, Genevieve, lay upstairs in their house as he lay, unconscious, on the
below, after a drug binge. The whole of the album (John Phillips, Wolf King of L.A.) 
with Phillips' drug addiction. Truly a lost gem.

Chords used:
E  B  A  G#m  C#m
0  2  0   4    4
0  4  2   4    5
1  4  2   4    6
2  4  2   6    6
2  2  0   6    4
0  2  0   4    4

The intro, played on an organ, piano, and harmonica, goes something like this:
A G#m A E

Genevieve lay bleeding in my basement
B                         A
Misconceiving life again
E         G#m           C#m
Up on the sidewalk, her replacement
B                      A
Waiting to be skinned

Bobby wants a lady from the low lands
B                            A
And I'd like to have one too
E           G#m             C#m
Paul said, "One in the bush worth two in your hand"
B                                        A
Even then you'll find there are too few

Genevieve lay dreaming on my ceiling
B                                               A
A thought came, rolling stone, across her mind
E          G#m        C#m
Looking down with great feeling
B                              A
I'll trade you yours for mine

Just try to sing in choirs, hear the old gears grind
B                                                   A
And upstairs they'll say, "There's too much noise"
E          G#m         C#m
I tell the lady we'll be quiet
B                            A
She knows boys will be boys

Gene Gene Gene, what's the matter
B                                     A
You'll get your way next time around
E            G#m             C#m
Subtract the former from the latter
B                                       A
You're fatter than when you were found

Genevieve lay bleeding in my basement...
E G#m C#m
^ this repeats and fades out after a little more than one repetition.

If you have any questions, shoot me an email. That's it!
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