John Prine - I Know One tab

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			I Know One - John Prine

Tabbed by: Dave S.

Tuning: Standard

Artist: John Prine
Album: In Spite of Ourselves
Year: 1999


     D        A          D
When all your loves have ended
When all your friends have flown

Who'll be around to want you
When all your loves have gone
D      A             D
Only a fool would do it
D                    G                       
After the way you've done
                         D       A      D
But how many fools would have you I know one

This fool keeps wonderin' why
He fell in love at all
But you might need this fool
D                  A
Around in case you fall

D         A       D
After the party's over
D                           G
And you've had your fill of fun
                              D  A      D
If you need a fool to forgive you I know one

D  G  D  A
D     G  D
A  D

You never know, you might be lonely
When all your loves have missed
It wouldn't hurt to keep an extra
D             A
Fool on your list.

D          A            D
After your heart's been broken
D                       G
And you need a place to run
If you'll take a fool who loves you
A     D    A
I know one
      D    A
I know one
      D    A  D 
I know one
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