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John Prine - Sabu Visits The Twin Cities Alone tab

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	    Sabu Visits the Twin Cities Alone - John Prine

Tabbed by: Dave S.

Tuning: Standard

Artist: John Prine
Album: Fair & Square
Year: 2005

G   C   D  
G   C   D  G	

    G                            C
The movie wasn't really doing so hot
         D                           G
said the new producer to the old big shot
    G                              C
its dying on the edge of the great Midwest
  D                       G
Sabu must tour or forever rest.

Hey look ma
[ Tab from: ]
here comes the elephant boy
bundled all up in his corduroy
headed down south towards Illinois
from the jungles of East St. Paul.

G                             C
His manager sat in the office alone
D                                 G
staring at the numbers on the telephone
G                                      C
wondering how a man could send a child actor
   D                                   G
to visit in the land of the wind chill factor.

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

G                           C
Sabu was sad the whole tour stunk
    D                            G
the airlines lost the elephant's trunk
G                                                 C
the roadie got the rabies and the scabies and the flu
D                                        G
they was low on morale but they was high on.

(Repeat Chorus)
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