John Smith - Invisible Boy chords

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From John's second album 'Map Or Direction'.

Standard tuning - capo 5th fret 
John plays drop D or DADGAD on this, but I'm using standard tuning here

Verse 1

       G                                  /Gb /E D
Well I guess that I'd die with my friends at  my side
C             G                  /Gb /E  D
Puzzled young faces just slipped a  -way slowly
  C              G           C            G 
I thought of the times I was drunk on the railway
/Gb  Em                    A7             D 
La - mented the time I was smashed in the square

Verse 2

   G            /Gb           G    /Gb /E  D
So around I did wander for to find my  way home
   C            G                /Gb /E D
On feet made of nothing it's har-der to roam
  C              G
I trooped up the coastline
  C           G
A walk on the moor
Saw no big wide river
   A7               D
No glorious faraway shore

Refrain 1

    G     /Gb       G    /A /B
And every now and a-gain
  C       G                /Gb /E  D
I go into town just to see my  old friends
     C           G
It's such an odd feeling
      C              G
Their eyes burn like embers
      C               G
Their minds are these forests
      C                G
Where thoughts fall as timber
   Em                 A7 
Be-fore I'm dragged a-way
C     D         G
Every now and a-gain


G   /Gb   G   /Gb   /E   D
C   G   /Gb   /E   D    G


Verse 3

    G         /Gb          G     /Gb /E  D
Now I have no form I could climb in  her spine
    C             G               /Gb   /E D
Her blood is like wine to a ghost drunk on sadness
    C             G
And time moves on slowly
   C             G
In time I'll for-give her
Be-cause when she holds hands with him
A7                       D
I know she's thinking of me

Refrain 2

    G     /Gb       G    /A /B 
And every now and a-gain
  C         G            /Gb  /E     D
I like to i-magine and I like to pre-tend
       C        G       C          G
It's a glorious feeling I'll be re-membered 
    C           G           C           G
For all my good deeds these eighteen De-cembers
   Em                 A7 
Be-fore I'm dragged a-way
C     D         G
Every now and a-gain


    C           B             Em
Out-side of the book there is no resurrection
    Am        D             G
The valley be-low threatens me with a home
C        B           Em
Heaven a-bove has no map or direction
     C        G          C
When-ever you can cast a glance
       G           D
To the shadows for me

Refrain 3 | end

    G    /Gb         G   /A  /B
Yes I'll try without end
   C           G              /Gb   /E  D
To seek others like me whom I might be -friend
   C             G               C         G
It drives like a madness there's no way to reach them
    C            G
You catch just a glimpse
        C         G
But you never can touch them
   Em                    A7 
Be-fore you’re dragged a-way
C     D
Every now
C     D
Every now
C     D         G
Every now and a-gain


I hope I've done it justice!

Kevin O'Brien
August 2012
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