John Starnes - Perfect Heart chords

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Capo 2
G              D              C  G
Bless the Lord who reigns in beauty
Bless the Lord
                     D       C     G
Who reigns with wisdom and with power
Bless the Lord
               B7                Em
Who reigns my life with so much love
              G          D        G
He can make a perfect heart

Verse 1
         G                D
Morning sun light of creation
    Em               D
Grassy fields a velvet floor
    G      B7                 Em
Silver clouds a shimmering curtain
           A7                 D
He's designed a perfect world
          G             D
I'm amazed at His talents
       Em                D
Stand in awe of One so great
          G  B7               Em  C
Now my soul begins to sing out
            G                 D   G
To the source from which it came
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