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John Vanderslice - Dear Sarah Shu tab

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Vanderslice, John Ė Dear Sarah Shu

This is based on one of the solo acoustic live versions of this song that is availible
John Vanderslice's website.  The strumming pattern is mostly down-strokes, but you'd
have to listen to it to get the hang of playing it.


G		   Em
Dear Sarah Shu, I leave for you
C			      D
All I knew about this job on microcassette for further review
G			Em
What it meant to me, how youíll make it it dear, hopefully
C			D
Itís dangerous here.  Yes itís dangerous here
C			    G		    C		        G
Peer round corners with dental mirrors, heed the threats, taking cautionary measures,
G	      G/F#     Em                    C		D
In the end, it is love youíll have to learn to survive
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