John West - Loved You Tonight tab

ok so im not totally sure about the whole song, but since this is the first tab of his i 
to put up what i know.. so if anyone can figure out the rest, go ahead and add to it.enjoi

adding some taps along the way makes it sound better.

hold these chords to make playing easier..

e|------|   e|----|
B|------|   B|--7-|
G|---10-|   G|--8-|
D|---11-|   D|--8-|
A|---11-|   A|--6-|
E|---9--|   E|----|

e|----------------  |------------------|     |---------------------------|
B|----------------  |-7-----------7s6p0|     |--7-------------7s6--------|
G|--------10------  |------8-----------| or  |--------8------------------|
D|--11------------  |----------8-------|     |--------8------------------|
A|-------11-------  |-6----------------|     |--6------------------------|
E|--9-------------  |------------------|     |---------------------------|

the rest im not sure about but its its the same chord structure, but different places on 

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