John Wetton - Who Will Light A Candle chords

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I've always love this song, and much to my surprise I managed to transcribe it in just a 
few minutes. Some subtleties are certainly missing but it should give you a good basis 
to make your own arrangement.

Am          G        F         E
Stone walls guarding these generations
Bound in circumstance, blood relations

Am               Dm
Who will light a candle?
G            C
Memories are fading
A              Dm
Messengers are waiting
C  E  Am
At my door

Curtains hiding loveís sweet confusions
All Godís property, fears of intrusion

Who will light a candle?
Maybe I was sleeping
Messengers are waiting
At my door

G   C  G
For me now
G       C  Am           C      G
Thereís no love left inside of me
C      G                   C
All creation washed out to sea
C           G
All my nightmares come to me
Dm       C        Fmaj7 C
Over and over and over again

Pride and passion both shall inflame me
Till oblivion comes hence to claim me

Who will light a candle?
Who can tell the story?
Messengers are waiting
At my door
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