Johnathan Rice - The Ballad Of King Coyote chords

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          'The Ballad Of King Coyote' From Johnathan Rices album 'Further North'
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If anyone has trouble with the strumming pattern/applying the lick during the A chord 
leave a comment and ill look into posting a tutorial on youtube.
 Also comment any corrections.

He plays the A as an open chord and the D and E as bar chords with root notes on the A string

This is a lick he plays while holding the A chord

Flying in a helicopter

Watering the wildfire
   D                                 A
Watching the coyotes running for the hills

Driving down the 405 now

Dead coyotes on the roadside
   D                                          A
The king is watching from the shelter of the trees

    E                   D              A
Give Coldwater Canyon back to the coyotes

Running past the gay bars and markets
Dealerships and pizza parlors
Past domesticated dogs choking on the leash
A big bad German Shepherd
The coyotes got him surrounded
And they tore that big dog into little bitty pieces

Give Coldwater Canyon back to the coyotes

Last night in Benedict Canyon
King Coyote in the governorís mansion
Standing in the middle of the big manís living room
The Governor could not reach his shotgun
So he offered King Coyote a pension
King tore the manís heart right out of his chest

Give Coldwater Canyon back to the coyotes

Now the streets are empty
And the beachfronts and the studio lots
The forest grows over the freeway
And the vines cover whole city blocks
And all you can hear is that high and lonesome sound

Give Coldwater Canyon back to the coyotes
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