Johnathan Rice - Were All Stuck Out In The Desert tab

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We're All Stuck Out In The Desert
Johnathan Rice

Capo V

A                         F#m
Well I took a camera on vacation
A                    F#m                                      A
  To fit Miami in a frame                  A-------------0----0--
A                               E          E-0-----2-------------
  She didn't mind, she blew me kisses, said well what's your name

I planned my dinner at the hotel
But then my dinner plans got wrecked
An investment banker started something so I broke his neck

We're all stuck out in the desert
And we're gonna die
Wipe that salt and sand from your blistering eyes

Well the polygraph needles were jumping
And my conscience said what fell asleep
I can't trust myself to tell the secrets I was told to keep

Well the fastest jackelope in Texas
He started runnin' out of luck
Bit by a snake then he got hit by Junior's semi-truck


Well I know some times I get distracted
America's so big and wide
With a long white finger she says hush I'm not the marrying kind

My mind moves faster when I'm walking
My baby's shoes are dipped in bronze
I don't give a shit, she calls the shots, that's how we get along

Refrain x3
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