Johnnie Ray - The Little White Cloud That Cried chords

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Little White Cloud that Cried
Johnny Ray (1951)

This is my first.  It's based on my ear and watching some guy butcher/cover it on 
YouTube.  This is for my Mom and Dad.

C                Dm
I went walkin' down by the river

G6             C
Feeling very sad inside

C                              Dm
When all at once I saw in the sky

G6                          C
The little white cloud that cried

C                       Dm
He told me he was very lonesome

G6                         C
And no one cared if he lived or died

C                             Dm
And said sometimes the thunder and lightning

G6             C         Dm
Make all little clouds hide

Am7                          Dm
He said "Have faith in all kinds of weather"

Am7              C                  G
"For the sun will always shine"

C                       G
"Do your best and always remember"

G6                    C                  G
"The dark clouds pass with time"

C                        Dm
He asked me if I'd tell all the world

C                                 Dm
Just how hard those little clouds try

G6                           Am7
That's how I know I'll always remember

C                         Dm                 Am7       G
The little white cloud that sat right down and cried
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