Johnny Cash - I Wish I Were Crazy Again chords

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G        D7              G
I met an old friend this morning 
      C               D7            G
And I stopped him and called him by name 
D7                       G
I said the years haven't changed you 
    D7                           G
But he said good Lord how you've changed 
So we stood there and talked on the corner 
    C              D7            G
And remembered the good times we had 
        D7                     G
Then he asked if we're happy together 
      D7                G
And I only smiled and I said 
Yes she keeps me off the streets 
        C        D7     G
And she keeps me out of trouble 
C            D7              G          C
Sometimes at night Lord when I hear the wind 
  G          D7     G     C     G          D7    G
I wish I was crazy again  yes I wish I was crazy again 
                D7      G          C       D7       G
Then we stopped in at a tavern  we had us around or two 
   D7                      G
We called ourselves old desperados 
    D7                                      G
Old desperados as old friends are likely to do 
                                       C             D7            G
We sat for a while and remembered then he said let's have just one more 
D7                                                    G
I said I'd sure like to join you but best be going on home 
repeat #3
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