Johnny Clegg - Scatterlings Of Africa tab

Capo 1st fret (but tab below is given in reference to zero fret). Key of C minor I think.

Kind of threw this one together - forgive the errors if there are any. If you have
any comments: olivier (d0t) gandou (@t) gmail (d0t)


The intro goes:

G#              |  Bb             (4 times)

Then the main riff:

G#    Bb    Cm  |          Bb    |G#    Bb    D#             Bb

Bridge: G#   Bb   -   We are the

D#              Bb     G#    Bb
Scatterlings of Africa

G#        Bb  Cm
Each uprooted one

G#        Bb    Cm      G#         Bb

G#       Bb   D#
     African Idea

G#       Cm   Bb
     African Idea

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