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Johnny Flynn - Tunnels tab

This tab is a revision of the chords submission of this song. I set it in the right key, 
corrected a couple chords, and added some finger picking tabs for most of the song. Johnny 
actually uses a capo on the fifth fret when playing, so all the chords are different from 
the ones shown on the other sub (and imo, easier to play). The basic chord progression is this:

Capo 5

G                   C         Em
I knew no vices and I knew no sin
C                         F          C
I knew the words but they didn't sink in
G                                C           Em
Stayed out of those tunnels that pull people down
C                                F        C
There's more of those tunnels in your home town
G                       C              Em
Fell far from grace, so far I couldn't see
C                             F                C
And oh, underground, I wasn't that far from the tree

F                       C
We're all digging if you wanna know
G                              Em    C
Fixing digging far too slow
Far too slow

The timing of the rythm isn't exact. Listen to the song for proper timing. 
Also, there are various minor changes between verses (hammer-ons, etc.), just 
listen for when they happen.


 G              x3


 G                  C        Em        C

 F        C


 F        C         G

 Em                 C

I havent yet figured out the G part following the chorus (it's pretty tricky). 
When/if I do, I'll add it to the comments. Enjoy
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