Johnny Hobo And The Freight Trains - Politics Of Holy Shit I Just Cut Open My Hand On A Broken Bottle chords

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Tuning - Standard + 1/4.

Verses: "He talks about nothing...
Figure out the strumming.

e -------------------------------------------|
B -------------------------------------------|
G -------------12--1212----9--99----10--1010-|
D --10-1010----12--1212----9--99----10--1010-|
A --10-1010----10--1012----7--77----8---88---|
E --8--88------------------------------------|

Chorus: (For this part, play G as an F Chord on the third fret)
C                        Em               F            G
"I'm sitting in the next room, slurring along to my isolation at the top of my lungs.
And so forth. Until this,

C       Am     F      G
I don't wanna, be anywhere at all.

C       Am     F      G
Here or at my house kicking at the wall.

And so forth, until this part.

C             G               Dm          Am
I'm gonna drink, until these tears, start to taste like the cheap beer.

And, those are all the chords for this song.
It is probably really confusing, because I suck and this is my first tab.

I hope you enjoy, and take care.
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